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EHM technology: a breakthrough innovation

EHM technology: a breakthrough innovation

This patented technology is based on a  redesign of the traditional 4-stroke combustion engine, including   1) by reducing the risk of leakage of a highly volatile gas; - 2) by introducing a 5th  mechanical cycle in order to allow better cooling – and 3) by selecting materials adapted to the physico-chemical characteristics of hydrogen, which is extremely corrosive. .

In addition, the hydrogen circulation mode has been designed to ensure total combustion of the gas, thus ensuring better performance and no CO2 or GHG emissions.


It can be used on new vehicles, boats or generators as well as retrofits, i.e. replacing the  original engines. 


Beyond its characteristics in terms of performance, durability and zero-emissions, the EHM engine reuses and adapts know-how  mechanics and existing industrial tools, which saves jobs and limits production costs

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