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Innovation for a green future
The team powering the hydrogen revolution

Founded in May 2022 in Châteaulin (Finistère), in the heart of Brittany between Brest and Lorient, Efficient Hydrogen Motors (EHM) embodies disruptive innovation in the field of the Hydrogen internal combustion engine (MCI H2).

Our objective: to decarbonize the mobility and generator sectors while preserving more than a century of European know-how and a large number of jobs in the mechanical sector: automotive, maritime and aeronautical industries as well as their subcontractors.

Our history

wilson and andré.png

The story of EHM is the result of a chance meeting in 2008, in a pizzeria in Los Angeles. André Morin, a former helicopter pilot and mechanic in the French army, met Dr. Wilson Hago, a Californian researcher who is behind dozens of patents on decarbonization. André presents Wilson with his revolutionary concept: a five-stroke, zero-emission, high-efficiency engine powered by hydrogen.

Captivated by this avant-garde idea, Wilson decided to join forces with André to patent and develop this breakthrough innovation. To do this, they collaborate with several high-level engineers like Tim, Kurtis and Philippe.

From innovation to realization:

In 2022, seeking to bring this concept to life, André and Wilson called on Didier Arenal, an industrialist specializing in precision mechanics in Brest. After an in-depth study of the market, Didier understands the immense potential of this innovation for the heavy mobility market, a sector in need of effective solutions at a reasonable price for its decarbonization. Together they found EHM to bring this revolutionary solution to the industry


A dedicated and passionate team 

Equipe efficient hydrogen motors ehm.jpg

Supported from the start by the Brittany region and accompanied by local university research structures, such as UBS, ESTACA, or even ENSTA, Didier quickly manages to unite a dynamic and talented team around the project.

Incubated first by ENSTA Bretagne, then by ACCEL'AIR, which provide the start-up with premises and laboratories, the EHM team is able to develop, test and fine-tune its first 265Kw MCI H2 in record time, which by the end of 2023 will be installed in various demonstrators: a generator in partnership with NOVAKAMP, a bus and a refuse collection vehicle with major players in the sector.

We embrace remote and face-to-face working, allowing us to extend our reach beyond local borders, covering the entire territory and even beyond internationally.

Our team is made up of people from varied and rewarding backgrounds. Interns and work-study trainees play a crucial role in our structure, bringing a fresh perspective and vibrant energy. By integrating them, we are clearly committed to training the next generation and bringing local dynamism, thus actively contributing to the regional innovation ecosystem.

We also benefit from the precise know-how of our applied technicians and the wealth of expertise of our engineers and doctors, graduates of prestigious institutions such as Polytechnique, HEC Paris, London Business School and Harvard.

The unique combination of these talents and our extensive geographic presence strengthen our ability to innovate and lead the hydrogen heavy mobility movement. We are convinced that it is this synergy and this commitment that puts us at the forefront of sustainable mobility.

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