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                                          Powering a zero-emissions future!


At EHM, our vision is to become a key player in the energy transition by offering powertrain solutions specially designed for hydrogen. We are committed to supporting businesses in their quest for sustainability while remaining competitive in the marketplace.


Our value proposition is rooted in the economic and environmental potential of carbon-free mobility. As pioneers in hydrogen engine technology, we are positioned to seize the opportunities of a growing market.


Thanks to our strong network of strategic partners, we are ready to meet the growing needs of the transport and energy sectors, both nationally and internationally. Our integrated approach allows us to deliver tailored solutions, from design to integration, providing a competitive advantage to companies embarking on the transition to cleaner mobility.


We are proud to announce our vision to build our first factory in Brittany within the next few years. This strategic initiative will strengthen our production capacity and position us as a major player in the hydrogen powertrain industry.


As investors, you can join this exciting journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. With a booming market, strong partnerships and an experienced team, EHM offers significant growth potential.


Join us in this promising investment opportunity and help shape an emissions-free world.

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