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EHM and AAG: A Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Hydrogen Mobility

We are proud of our collaboration with Alliance Automotive Group (AAG), marking a turning point in our quest to transform heavy mobility with hydrogen. This strategic union between EHM, a specialist in hydrogen engines, and AAG, a major player in the sector of parts and services for heavy vehicles, promises to revolutionize the approach to zero carbon mobility.

Our partnership focuses on the development of an innovative retrofit and maintenance service, transforming heavy thermal vehicles into vehicles running on hydrogen. This initiative aims to make the transition to zero-emission mobility more accessible and economical, by offering a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

This project, entirely developed in France, reflects our shared commitment to innovation and sustainability. It represents a significant step forward, not only for EHM and AAG, but also for the heavy mobility sector as a whole. By combining our technical knowledge and expertise, we are able to offer cutting-edge hydrogen solutions, adapted to current and future market needs.

The impact of our collaboration goes well beyond French borders. After a successful pilot phase in France, we plan to extend this project to Europe and North America, where AAG, in collaboration with its partner GPC, has an extensive network. This international expansion is a step forward towards our goal of making hydrogen mobility accessible on a global scale.

By working hand in hand, EHM and AAG not only respond to current environmental challenges; we are paving the way for an era of sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting collaboration and the next steps on our journey towards greener mobility.

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