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EHM unveils its innovative hydrogen engine in Saint-Brieuc

EHM proudly presented its first 265kW hydrogen engine on September 22 in Saint-Brieuc. This advance finds its first application in a Transdev Bretagne, and is aimed at a wide range of applications.

The heart of this innovation lies in a design adapted to hydrogen and in a new engine cycle. The latter is crucial, as it allows for optimized combustion of hydrogen, thereby maximizing efficiency while reducing NOx emissions to trace amounts. The absence of CO2 emissions when burning hydrogen, combined with the use of materials free of rare metals and the absence of batteries, means that the environmental footprint of the engine is significantly reduced compared to other forms of motorization. Our partnership with Alliance Automotive on the transformation and maintenance aspect of the vehicle underlines the versatility of this technology, extending the life of existing vehicles.

Presenting a low impact on the environment, corroborated by an analysis of a neutral third party, the engine proves to be financially competitive. With the rise of its industrialization, it could compete with diesel engines in terms of cost in the years to come.

But EHM's ambition does not stop there. While working closely with Transdev Bretagne, which proudly made this innovative partnership public, EHM plans to integrate this engine into a wide range of vehicles, ranging from passenger and freight transport to specialized on and off-road vehicles, as well as than stationary applications such as generators.

Behind this technological prowess is a talented and ambitious team, supported by an ecosystem of leading local and national partners, some of whose early adopters already trust us to shape the future of sustainable mobility.

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