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Estimate your impact: Our CO2 reduction calculator for hydrogen retrofitting

Awareness of the impact of climate change has become unavoidable. For owners of heavy vehicle fleets, switching to more sustainable solutions is both an environmental duty and an opportunity for innovation. At EHM, we offer concrete solutions to meet this challenge: the retrofitting of hydrogen truck and bus engines.

To help you measure the potential impact of such a change, we have created a CO2 reduction calculator, accessible here: This interactive tool is designed to estimate the CO2 reduction potential your fleet could achieve by opting for a hydrogen retrofit.

How does it work? It's simple. You enter some data about your vehicle - the type, the average number of remaining kilometers. In an instant, the calculator gives you an estimate of the CO2 reductions you could achieve with a hydrogen retrofit.

It is important to note that these numbers are estimates. They do, however, give a clear idea of the potential for reducing CO2 emissions offered by the hydrogen retrofit.

Switching to hydrogen is more than a gesture for the environment. It also represents an opportunity to modernize your fleet of vehicles, improve their performance and save money in the long term.

At EHM, we are proud to be part of the hydrogen and sustainable mobility revolution. We invite you to discover our CO2 reduction calculator and explore for yourself the potential of hydrogen retrofitting for your vehicle fleet.

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