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Local hydrogen: a promising avenue for our regions

Although France's energy transition is moving towards various solutions, hydrogen presents itself as a particularly attractive option, especially in terms of heavy transport. At the heart of this movement towards cleaner energy sources are local initiatives, inspired in part by the efforts of cities like Metz, show the way forward.

The production of green hydrogen close to its place of consumption represents a viable solution to reduce the carbon footprint while supporting the local economy. This vision of a short circuit hydrogen ecosystem could very well be the model to follow for other French regions.

Let's take the example of Brittany, the cradle of our EHM company. Based between Brest and Châteaulin, we have always believed in the importance of innovation and the next-generation approach to hydrogen propulsion.

With its rich potential, Brittany will be able to adopt a similar model, thus creating a virtuous circle of production and consumption. "Propelling a Zero Emissions Future", much more than just a slogan for EHM, is a reality within reach for our region.

In conclusion, the key to a successful transition to hydrogen may well lie in local initiatives. By focusing on nearby production and consumption, we can truly advance the cause of a cleaner future.


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