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The new heavy transport revolution at Schiever

The energy transition is an unavoidable reality and, at EHM, we are at the forefront of innovation in sustainable development. Our recent collaboration with the Schiever Group is concrete proof of this.

In a constantly evolving world, we took a major step forward by unveiling our hydrogen engine last month. But we didn't stop there. The new announcement of a collaboration with the Schiever group to transform heavy-duty diesel trucks in hydrogen-powered trucks shows our commitment to redefining the transportation sector.

Vincent Picq, Managing Director of Schiever, highlighted the importance of this initiative, mentioning his group's ongoing efforts for decarbonization. With a well-defined strategy and the support of partners such as Ademe and the Bourgogne Franche Comté region, Schiever plans to set up a green hydrogen production station on its Magny site. This station, once operational, will supply a significant part of their truck fleet.

The technology we have developed at EHM will play a central role in this project. By providing a tractor equipped with our innovative hydrogen engine, we hope to not only show the efficiency of our engines, but also their durability and competitiveness in terms of operating costs.

The future is bright. We intend to supply our hydrogen engines to other truck and coach fleet owners. Our innovative approach, without the use of rare metals and relying on existing production and maintenance resources, makes it possible to offer a credible and affordable alternative to diesel engines.

In conclusion, at EHM we are convinced that hydrogen is an essential part of the future of transportation. This collaboration with Schiever is just the beginning of our journey towards a cleaner, greener world. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements to come!

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