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Efficient Hydrogen Motors: Labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation

We are proud to announce that Efficient Hydrogen Motors has been awarded the prestigious Solar Impulse Foundation label , recognizing our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the field of heavy mobility.

Specializing in the design of zero-emission hydrogen combustion engines, EHM received this honorary distinction, highlighting our significant contribution to sustainable development goals.

This recognition by the Solar Impulse Foundation validates our efforts and reinforces our commitment to clean and efficient technology. Our innovative approach to using hydrogen to power heavy vehicles like trucks and buses is part of a more sustainable vision of transportation.

We thank the Solar Impulse Foundation for this mark of trust and we commit to continuing our efforts for a greener future. Together we can drive change towards cleaner mobility.

To learn more about our technology and our commitment, visit our page on the Solar Impulse Foundation website: Efficient Hydrogen Motors - Solar Impulse .

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