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EHM and Alliance Automotiv Group: An innovative partnership for greener heavy mobility

The news is already making headlines: EHM is partnering withAlliance Automotiv Group (AAG), a major player in the independent distribution of vehicle parts and supplies in Europe. This alliance, born of our common commitment to energy transition, aims to install our hydrogen combustion engines on heavy vehicles.

Based in Brest, our team is working hard to develop a five-stroke hydrogen combustion engine, optimized for green hydrogen efficiency. Designed to equip heavy vehicles by retrofit, this innovative engine aims to meet environmental challenges by offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to diesel engines.

Our partnership with AAG is a giant step in this direction. AAG, with its network of over 2300 workshops in Europe, will be in charge of converting heavy vehicles, replacing their diesel engines with our hydrogen engine kits. This partnership allows us to offer truck and bus owners a solution to decarbonize their fleets at a total cost only slightly higher than diesel engines.

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