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We join the Retrofit H2 Coalition to accelerate the decarbonization of heavy mobility

We are delighted to announce our membership of the Coalition Retrofit H2, an initiative that has set itself the goal of bringing together stakeholders to accelerate the decarbonization of heavy vehicles. This movement illustrates our commitment to cleaner and more sustainable mobility, especially in the heavy mobility sector.

The Retrofit H2 Coalition, launched last January, quickly structured itself to become an influential association. It now brings together 34 members, including shippers, carriers, manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, retrofit players, logisticians, public administrations, financial partners, and hydrogen producers and distributors.

We are honored to be part of this movement and to be members of the board of directors, alongside representatives who are passionate about the energy transition. Each of us is driven by the desire to advance the hydrogen retrofit sector and contribute to the decarbonization of transport.

Our membership in the H2 Retrofit Coalition is part of our commitment to the decarbonisation of heavy road transport and the development of retrofit solutions for high performance combustion engines. We aim to retrofit 10,000 trucks to hydrogen per year by 2030 in France. We are convinced that the creation of a strong ecosystem around hydrogen retrofitting will make it possible to attract significant industrial investments, consolidate volumes to reduce costs and promote the adoption of this technology.

To achieve these ambitious objectives, we are actively working to develop commercial partnerships, to identify and remove blocking points, and to support associations in the sector in their actions. We are confident that collaboration and cooperation will be key success factors.

If you share our ambition to decarbonize transport and move the retrofit industry forward, join us in the H2 Retrofit Coalition. Together we can make a meaningful difference for our planet.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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